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K. Rosano, Texas, USA

Here is what the whole bucket looks like, notice it is a very small bucket that is only a few inches wider than the trap. This helps to direct the flies up into the trap. This one shows the flies all over the bucket and outside of the trap This one shows the flies in the trap a little better This is how many flies fit in the trap in only one cleaning, there has to be several thousand at least. That pile is 6'' tall and 8

I am interested in becoming a distributor. These are great little fly traps; they work and work and work. Guess what I found to be a super fly bait for these traps.....milk!! Being as I have dairy goats I realized that when I am emptying the milk bucket I am swatting at flies, so I put some milk in a bucket and put the Rid-Max in the bucket and hung the bucket on the fence and in just a few hours there were hundreds of new flies in the trap. Also, I sell milk to deer ranches who raise their baby fawns on it. They have big fly problems too. And if the distributor price allows for it, I can place them in my local feed stores also. So please let me know what I need to do to become your south central Texas distributor.

Thanks for your consideration,
Karen Rosano

M. Northern, Granovsky Associates, Inc.

The traps, along with the bait from Bio-control, are working very well.  We are currently using the traps to make an assessment of fly populations.  The traps offer the "catch and release" method we were looking for in this study.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

Monty D. NorthernGranovsky Associates, Inc.


Kids-R-Us Goat Farm, Texas. USA

A few months ago I bought a Rid-Max fly trap. It works GREAT in my goat dairy barn. I like the fact that it has no odor whatsoever and is not messy to clean out. I am thinking that a lot of my goaty friends might be interested in this product. What are the distributor quantity prices?

H. Schutten, Netherlands

Hello: Since I received my last order of Rid-Max traps I am convinced of its usage and can see that it would be viable in the Dutch market. Our family will shortly be leaving Holland for a four year posting in Gabon (Africa) - the Rid-Max traps are definitely going with us!

SFC Douglas, Bayji, Iraq

Rid-Max Fly Traps in Iraq Traps used in food preparation area. Food Serving Area in Iraq Food Serving Area in Iraq Hand-washing area

I would like to tell you thanks so very much. I have placed the traps around the eating area. I made a couple of modifications due to wind. They have cut the flies in this area significantly, cannot believe the difference. The bait that I have found over here that works the best is fruit, go figure... in the middle of the desert and they like fruit... came across that by observation. I have attached a couple of photos to this email. I have no problem if you would like to use them or this letter. The pictures attached are of the traps 6 hours after emplacement.

Again thanks,
SFC DouglasBayji, Iraq

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